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WHO WE ARE... Vividly Expressive is a creative arts studio specializing in Expressive Arts programs for children and parents. We offer a unique opportunity to explore open-ended art experiences in the visual arts, performing arts and literary arts in an inspiring studio. Vividly Expressive values each individual's artistic abilities, to explore, initiate and make choices according to one's unique interests and pace. 

WHERE WE ARE... We are located in an intimate art studio setting, in Vaughan Metropolitan Centre - a creative paradise that is a vibrant and nurturing artistic environment. Our studio is a newly renovated, open-concept, uplifting facility. All studio equipment and art supplies are provided. 

WHAT WE DO... Vividly Expressive offers art programs that are multimodal - experiencing a combination of  art mediums in a session - drawing, painting, print-making, collage, sculpture; creative writing & poetry; dance & creative movement; drama; music & singing - participants transition between two or three art experiences in each session.  Parents and children co-create in private or small groups to experience the creative journey collaboratively. Arts facilitators guide parents and kids through open-ended art sessions that are unique, engaging and stimulating. 

WHY WE DO... Research tell us, especially in childhood developmental years, as well as, in all ages in life, engaging in the arts and self-expression is fundamental to positive development and overall wellness. Expressive Arts participants will experience numerous benefits with an improvement in personal and social development: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, self-awareness, self-discovery, self-esteem, self-discipline, and very importantly, great leadership.  

Vividly Expressive thrives to build a community of artists and arts enthusiasts for all to come together with creative freedom to co-create, share enriching experiences and relationships, time and time again!