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Baby Artists         6 mths - under 2 

Baby Artists get their senses of touch and sight ignited with sensory art experiences to enjoy watching wonderful colors, merge, mix and change. We influence senses of sound and movement with getting on the mat and listening to music, singing to songs, while discovering stimulating movements, or exploring objects in Imagination Bags. Getting messy is exciting for Baby Artists and mommy as they interact and use paint in a multitude of ways.  Experimenting with painting explorations is a sensory delight, especially feet painting and dancing on canvas, while bouncing in jolly jumpers. We create in our own unique way!    

Budding Artists                               2 - 6 yrs

Budding Artists discover the wonders of multi-sensory experiences in exploring a variety of materials and media with an emphasis in experimenting art-making processes - finger painting on mural paper to a favorite song; create your own playclay in different colors to model and form in exciting imaginary ways; make a funny hand puppet that can be used in a drama skit - key components are fostering playfulness of possibilities, self-discovery, self-awareness, developing fine and gross motor skills.  

Young Artists          7 - 12 yrs

Young Artists are introduced to elements of art and principles of design and apply them to a variety of individual and group art projects. Experimenting with various art materials, techniques, styles, and arts-based processes to equip young artists with methods to fully express one's views, imagination, and creative vision.  Young Artists explore image-making, narratives, human forms, symbolic imagery; draw a magical imaginary place in mixed media with pastels and paints; combine drawing and collage to create a favorite comic or cartoon character; listen to an exciting song to express creative movement that represents a drama skit or a fond memory.   


Artists are invited to use the studio space, equipment and selected art materials to take a self-initiated approach.  An Arts Facilitator offers direction and guidance as needed. This session focuses on the potential of self-discovery for artists to identify and understand the many ways to express through multiple art forms and methods.  In this small group environment, artists can collaborate with other artists to share experiences, ideas and play with problem-solving together. Also, artists are encouraged to experiment with one's own abilities to explore a new art form, trying out various techniques, and art styles. 

In themed art sessions  we explore diverse age-appropriate topics.  Arts facilitators introduce new themes on a monthly basis to inspire artists and guide their interests and abilities in making art relevant to the topic to inspire and make personal connections. Themes such as Great Masters, Contemporary Artists, Canadian Artists, Canadian Culture, stories, rhymes, poems, songs, films, world cultures, human history, archaeology, nature, animal kingdom, environmental awareness, are some of many topics to be explored.