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Visual arts is the primary art approach we practice at Vividly Expressive. The expressive arts is a multi-disciplinary and process-based art practice. Participants experiment and express perceptions, thoughts and emotions of the world around  where imagination takes on many forms. At Vividly Expressive, we put an emphasis on the artistic process, process-based art, and how diverse art mediums interact and inspire us in new ways.  Participants engage in a variety of art processes, exploring techniques to better communicate and represent one's own interests, abilities  and individuality.  Visual art mediums, techniques and materials that we explore:

DRAWING mark-making, scribbling, stenciling, tracing, coloring, line drawing, contour drawing, figure drawing, portrait drawing; using crayons, markers, colour pencils, chalks, pastels, pencils, charcoal and more

PAINTING finger painting, bubble painting, splatter painting, illustrative painting, color-mixing, abstract painting, figure painting, portrait painting, landscape painting; using tempera paints, acrylic, gouache, watercolors, vegetable dyes and tints, india ink

SCULPTURE clay modelling, 2D and 3D model making, assembling forms, object assemblage, papier mache; using play-doh, plasticine, clay, plaster of paris, wire, natural materials, recyclable materials and more   

PRINTMAKING stamping, monoprinting, styrofoam printing, mirror image printing, letter printing, linoleum printing, nature printing and more

MIXED MEDIA combining drawing and painting mediums as those mentioned above with collage, fabrics, textile accessories, magazine images, printed images, text, natural materials to create an original image